Excitement in Saratoga Springs over new LDS Temple


SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Five new temples were announced by President Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The announcement came during his address at the 187th annual General Conference.

One of the five new temples will be built in Saratoga Springs — news that stunned the Olsen home.

“My dad and I were watching it on TV together and when we both heard that, we both looked at each other we were like ‘oh my gosh did you hear that?’ “yelled Mikaela Olsen of Saratoga Springs, overwhelmed with excitement.

The sentiment was shared among Utah’s 2.1 million Mormons.

“We’re all super excited — all the people in my neighborhood. All the girls in Young Women’s shot me all messages and they’re all like ‘Mikaela did you hear about this?’ And it’s like everywhere — all over Snapchat all over Instagram, and everyone around here is super excited.”

Some people might consider Saratoga Springs to be a small community, but it continues to be one of the ten fastest growing cities in Utah.

“It’s really big for us as a small town. I’ve lived here for almost five years now so I’ve watched as like the new Smith’s is being built. Everyone is moving out here. The community is growing,” said Olsen. 

She went on to tell Good4Utah’s Brittany Johnson, “Saratoga Springs is not the biggest city but it’s now like out there. We’re actually going to be noticed now because we’re actually going to have our own temple in the LDS religion.”

Residents say they are excited to have a temple in close proximity.

“Normally we have to go Mount Timpanogos and I know it’s a blessing to be so close anyway, but it just makes it that much more special that it’s just right here in our backyard,” said Katie Kiefer a resident of Eagle Mountain.

“We’re just super excited because were used to driving all the way out to American Fork,” said Olsen.

Although Jana Johns lives in North Salt Lake, she is pleased about the addition to Utah County.

“Even though we don’t live in this area I think it’s wonderful for the people who do because it means that the nearby temples are being used and that is wonderful. That’s what we need.”

The LDS Church does own property within Saratoga Springs but there is no word as to where the church will break ground on the new temple, but speculation has already started.

“Like that’s gonna be like right in our neighborhood because we live right over by where they’re going to build it,” said Olsen.

Mayor Jim Miller released a statement in response to the news:

“On behalf of myself, the City Council and many of our residents, we are thrilled to have this sacred building added to our community. There are many faithful members of the LDS Church in Saratoga Springs and the surrounding area who will benefit from having this new temple located in our city. Saratoga Springs looks forward to working with the LDS Church in making this new temple a beautiful part of our community.”

Congresswoman Mia Love also released a statement:

“It’s evidence of the strength, service and the potential of the people in Saratoga Springs that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints announced its newest Temple here.  When I was mayor, I always worked with my fellow council members (which all remain my closest friends today) to provide vision for the future of our community with all citizens in mind.  I am pleased that they continued this work and it resulted in this addition to our community.”

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