HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – Southern Utah is seeing excessive heat and with a warning through Wednesday, officials are reminding people to stay safe to avoid a heat-related illness.

The senior center in Hurricane is opening its doors to Washington County residents to beat the heat. Roxie Trimble says inversion and the weather in Southern Utah overall can be overwhelming for people her age.

“The smoke, and the residuals from the many fires we’ve had, and of course the wind and the flash flooding,” she says.

These seniors say when the temperature hits triple digits, they avoid going outside.

“We come here in an air-conditioned car, we go home in an air-conditioned, or we might stop at Walmart, but we’re in an air-conditioned car,” says Chyrrel Maupia.

They say heading out early in the morning or late in the afternoon is safest for them and officials agree. Officer Daniel Raddatz of Hurricane Police says the elderly and children are most at risk in this weather.

“I know kids love to be out and playing and I love to get my kids out and playing too, but if they’re going to do that make sure they’re drinking lots and lots of water,” he says.

According to Intermountain Healthcare, folks should wear breathable clothing and a hat to protect their head and face.

“If you have elderly neighbors, family members, check on them, a couple of times a day if they’re out In the heat it’s going to affect them more than you or I,” says Raddatz.

These locals say they’re grateful for air conditioning and the weather advisories they get from the Senior Citizens Center.

“We get these warnings you know, not to go out and about or run up to Kolob or maybe even stay away from Zions because we’re sitting right here in Hurricane, is the gateway to the beautiful parks,” says Trimble.

Doctors say some of the basic signs to watch for with heat-related illness are fatigue, flushed or red face, cramps, headache, and nausea.

“We would love to be in four-wheelers and running out over the desert like some of our neighbors, but we can’t, our age and the heat would get to us in a hurry,” says Maupia.

Raddatz says your local senior center, library, or recreation center are all good places to get out of the heat and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and mix in electrolytes.