SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A mesmerizing new experience coming this week to the Natural History Museum of Utah is bringing animal species from around the globe to the community of Salt Lake City.

“Wild World: Stories of Conservation & Hope” is an immersive exhibit, opening on June 10, that puts a spotlight on wildlife populations, their habitats, and the preservation efforts made to save them from extinction.

Staffed by trained educators and animal caretakers, the Wild World exhibit is one of the most eye-opening and educational encounters in the country — allowing visitors to meet a rare variety of animal life in a safe environment.

Some of the amazing animals to be featured in the exhibit include a ferret, boreal toad, crested gecko, red knee tarantula, and Helga, the 16-foot Burmese python.

These live animal encounters give guests a chance to learn about the animal’s natural history, some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding them, and the conservation issues they face in the wild.

According to NHMU, those who visit the exhibit can expect:

  • Real-life success stories from a wide range of conservation organizations
  • Live animals from key international conservation programs
  • More than 15 wildly interactive science-based experiences for guests of all ages
  • A multimedia theater that brings the story of Wild World to life for visitors
  • Multiplayer challenges that make learning about wildlife fun and engaging
  • On-site full-time educators providing one-on-one animal interactions and group presentations

Visitors are encouraged to reserve their tickets at least a day in advance via the museum’s website.