(ABC4) – Happy April, Utah!

The first holiday most people think about for this month is Easter, but we also have another important holiday coming up this month — Earth Day.

Earth Day takes place on April 22 each year. Here are a few important projects underway:

The Canopy Project

This year the Canopy Project aims to plant 10 million trees around the world. This project will not only improve habitats for animals, but also provide many jobs to those who are living around these tree planting projects.

To see where these projects are taking place around the world or to learn about how you can get involved, visit here.

Great Global Cleanup

This worldwide volunteer event is targeting over 192 countries with many different opportunities such as waste cleanup and reduction along with habitat improvement.

“From harming marine and human health, to clogging our waterways and littering communities, plastic pollution is threatening the survival of our shared planet. Cleanups are just one-way individuals can get involved to combat this critical issue. For Earth Day 2022, ‘Invest in Our Planet’ means taking action and participating in community measures to help solve the issue of mismanaged waste,” said Kathleen Rogers, President, EARTHDAY.ORG.

To find a cleanup project near you, or register your own project, visit here.

Footprints for the Future

A foodprint measures the environmental impacts associated with the growing, producing, transporting, and storing of our food — from the natural resources consumed, to the pollution produced to the greenhouse gases emitted.

Some ways to shrink your footprint include trying new plant-based recipes, supporting local farmers, learning more about the system of where your food comes from and eliminating food waste.

To learn about all the ways you can participate in Earth Day, visit earthday.org