PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — The Rock Canyon Trail in Provo is well-known by locals for its stunning views, shaded landscapes, and according to some who visit, its unexplained paranormal activity.

With all the beauty of the trail and various types of recreation there for locals, there have been countless reports of mysterious encounters in the area, particularly during poor weather.

During the 1850s, as pioneers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were slowly migrating into the area, there was reportedly a clash between those pioneers and the people of the Ute tribe who inhabited the region. This conflict, better known as the Battle of Fort Utah, resulted in the death of dozens of Native Americans, including the wife of Chief Pareyart.

Many who have hiked the trail recount hearing screams in the canyon, as well as echoes of a woman sobbing — believed to be Chief Pareyart’s long-lost wife.

There have been several other ghost sightings in Rock Canyon, from a man dressed in clothing from the 1970s making his way down the trail before disappearing to the apparition of a young girl playing along the creek, singing to herself until passersby get too close and lose sight of her.

Also commonly recreated by climbers, Rock Canyon is said to be only for the most experienced mountaineers. However, over the years, accidents have been reported where climbers have lost their grip and fallen to their deaths.

These deaths only add to the mystery of the canyon, with campers describing odd sounds of footsteps, whispers, and even whistles while in the area.