SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Utah kids, and their families, can make the most of these last days of summer by taking part in one last adventure — the 2023 Jr. Treasure Hunt.

Hosted by David Cline and John Maxim — the organizers of the ever-popular Utah Treasure Hunt — the third annual Jr. Treasure Hunt runs through August 20 and promises all the thrills of the original.

“The Jr. Hunt is one of our favorite hunts because the whole point isn’t to be the first one to figure it out — it’s more a love for the adventure,” says Cline.

While this hunt focuses on the experience of the pursuit, those who solve each of the clues will still find a prize concealed in a safe at the end of their journey. According to Cline and Maxim, each person or group that manages to “crack the code” will have a chance to open the safe.

“It’s a cool way to give back to this community that has partaken in our treasure hunts to give them one more little treat,” says Maxim.

What treasures are waiting to be found? It depends. Anyone who locates and opens the safe is welcome to take home its riches, but they also must leave behind something of value in return.

A clever announcement for the 2023 Jr. Treasure Hunt states: “It can be anythin’ yer heart desires — from gift cards to movie tickets, treats to toys, crafts to cold, hard cash — ye name it!”

Cline tells ABC4, “We’ve had everything from families leaving candy to $1,000 — whatever you’re comfortable with.”

While the Jr. Treasure Hunt is geared towards young adventurers, it’s also reportedly open for anyone to participate, as long as they contribute to the safe once the treasure is located or leave its contents untouched for the next hunter who finds it.

How can local fortune seekers get started with the Jr. Treasure Hunt? The first step is to play a game called Portal Panic via the Jr. Treasure Hunt website. Once a hunter hits 50,000 points, they’ll receive a QR code with the next clue.

Other things that are necessary to complete this Jr. Treasure Hunt, according to Cline and Maxim, include:

  1. “A compass. A physical or digital compass will work. There are tons of free compass apps.”
  2. “Shoes that can get wet. (Ankle deep water)”
  3. “Grip socks if you have them. If not, we’ve got you covered.”

With hours of fun-filled adventure ahead and plenty of clues to solve — good luck and happy hunting, Utah!