DAYBREAK, Utah (ABC4) — Move over ghosts, ghouls, witches and goblins, there is a new face for Halloween this year: Fashion, style, dollhouses and the color pink.

In a quiet neighborhood in the heart of Daybreak in South Jordan, nearly 20 homeowners came together to illuminate their houses in shades of pink. Each house in “Barbieland” is decorated with different kinds of skeletal Barbies including “Haunted Barbie,” “Astronaut Barbie” and more.

The rocket and moon outside of “Astronaut Barbie”‘s house in a Daybreak neighborhood in South Jordan, Utah (Derick Fox/KTVX)

Deidra Smith, a resident and Astronaut Barbie of Barbieland, said she has been grateful for the project and it has really brought the entire community, and beyond, together.

“We moved in two months ago, so I knew nobody in this neighborhood,” Smith said. “Now, I know everybody.”

Smith told ABC4 Barbieland came to life because of the dream of a 12-year-old girl in the neighborhood. After going to see the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, she told her mom, “We need to do Barbieland.” As word got out, the parents on the block decided, why not?

From there, the neighborhood connected and the project quickly trickled down from house to house and to other neighbors as well. It took Smith about a week to put together her rocket, made out of trashcans and a tomato cage. And she said the neighborhood isn’t done yet.

“Little by little, we keep creating. We have lights we are still stringing and all the neighbors come together to do this together,” Smith explained. “If someone needs an extension cord or someone needs a light, we just chip in for purchasing things on Amazon and sharing. It’s been really exciting and it’s actually brought our entire neighborhood together.”

Smith said the neighborhood recently saw some heartbreak with the passing of a beloved community member. However, bringing Barbieland to life in the heart of Daybreak has been a happy distraction and seeing everyone come and enjoy it too has been heartwarming for the homeowners who put it together.

“Watching the parents and the kids smiling and the joy that it is bringing to their lives is actually fulfilling ours,” said Smith. “I call it Barbieland Disneyland. It’s just something fun for parents to bring their kids to come see during the holidays and why not?”

Barbieland has definitely become popular since a viral video was posted on TikTok showcasing the neighborhood. It even got recognized by the official Barbie account saying, “Barbieland in the real world?! Yes please.” Smith said the weekends have been wild with people. One of Smith’s neighbors, Eric Johnson, shared a timelapse video with ABC4 showing the overwhelming amount of people who have flocked to the quiet neighborhood just to see Barbieland in person.

Even with so many people heading into Daybreak, Smith said there isn’t a bad time to come. She explained to ABC4 that it was important to homeowners to make Barbieland just as magical in the day as it is at night. Once the sun goes down the street is lit up pink but during the day, bubbles float through the air. Since the community is still building too, there is plenty of reason to come back multiple times through to the end of October.

All she asks on behalf of the neighborhood is because traffic has been crazy from how many people have come to the neighborhood that visitors park off the island and walk in. But despite the quiet neighborhood being flipped into a Halloween hotspot, Smith and her neighbors welcome everyone and say they aren’t unique.

“The most important thing is to stay pink, stay happy and meet your neighbors,” said Smith. “Become a community. Anyone can do this and it’s been really exciting and fun for all of us.”

And if a 12-year-old wants it to happen, Smith said they will make it happen.

Visitors can find Barbieland just off Isla Daybreak Road in South Jordan near Lake Island Road in the middle of Oquirrh Lake.