UTAH (ABC4) – Utah may have fallen short of first on the list of most patriotic states in 2021, but it has topped a new list the Most Independent States.

The latest WalletHub report compared all 50 states across 39 metrics to determine the most self-sufficient states based on how dependent Americans are on the government and other people for finances, their jobs, and personal vices.

Utah was found to be the most independent state. Here is where the Beehive State ranks based on WalletHub’s analysis, with 1 being the best, 25 being average.

  • Median Debt per Income: 23rd
  • Share of Households Receiving Public Assistance: 2nd
  • Share of Federal, State, and Local Government Employees: 29th
  • Share of Jobs Supported by Exported Goods: 27th
  • Long-term Unemployment Rate: 6th
  • Industry Variety: 22nd
  • Share of Current Adult Smokers: 1st

Utah is the fourth-least federally dependent and has the second-lowest percentage of households receiving public assistance and SNAP/food stamps. The Beehive State is also tied with Nebraska for the lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

In addition to the lowest rate of current adult smokers, Utah has the second-lowest percentage of adult drug users and adult binge drinkers.

Here is a look at how other states ranked:

Source: WalletHub

Colorado was ranked second, just behind Utah, with Nebraska, Virginia, and Kansas making up the top five.

The bottom five states are Alaska, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisiana.

To view the full report, click here.