SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Still eager for a chance to embark on a treasure hunt? This summer still has plenty of opportunities to make that happen.

On the heels of the ever-popular Utah Treasure Hunt, several more local adventures have come forward — each promising unique glory and riches to whoever finds where the “X marks the spot.”

While we continue to enjoy the last remnants of summer weather, here are some organized treasure hunts from around the state to pass the time.

North Utah Treasure Hunt:

First launched in late July 2023, the North Utah Treasure Hunt is an adventure shared via Reddit with many similarities to the famed Utah Treasure Hunt, in which the hidden prize’s location can be found by deciphering a clever riddle.

How much can the lucky person or group who solves the riddle walk away with? According to the Reddit page created by user “faithlessfawkes,” this hunt has a cash prize of $500 at stake.

With two weeks already passed and several hints given to help followers of the North Utah Treasure Hunt, this is one adventure not to miss.

‘The Paranormal Review’ Treasure Hunt:

Also taking inspiration from the Utah Treasure Hunt and having launched on its YouTube channel, The Paranormal Review Treasure Hunt was started over a week ago with a delicious bounty on the line.

The winner of this hunt could come away with a stack of gift cards from contributing eateries like R&R BBQ, Zao Modern Asian Cafe, Bona Vita, Auntie Anne’s, and Bumblebee’s KBBQ.

What does the treasure look like? The winner is reportedly looking for a small statuette of a frog sitting on a log. Once found, they must send an email to the hunt’s creator with a brief video explaining how it was found to receive the cards.

In addition, the rules state, “If you are doing something that seems dangerous, you are on the wrong track… Must be subscribed to the channel and Instagram @the_paranormal_review to win and have access to the clues and hints.”

The Honeycomb Treasure Hunt:

With a “Honey Pot” chest worth $2,000 somewhere in the state, The Honeycomb Treasure Hunt is free to try and funded entirely through community/company donations.

Using its GoFundMe page, the organizers claim that the concept is designed to bring Utahns together to enjoy “the beauty of our trail systems,” and 100 percent of any contributions will go towards putting on these treasure hunts.

Like many other treasure hunts, this one utilizes a secret riddle and new clues released every week to help solve it. Further rules and disclaimers can be found online via Instagram.

An exclusive page on Reddit was also created where members of the community can share their adventures and speculate on potential solutions to the riddle.

Where’s the Wallet Cash Quest:

Launched on August 7, the Where’s the Wallet Cash Quest hosted by the Bank of Utah is a unique treasure hunt that begins by scanning the QR code on a poster at any nearby branch. Once scanned, participants will be directed to a QR page where they’ll find any and all clues needed to locate the prize.

What prize is waiting to be claimed? The lucky winner will reportedly find a wallet with $10,000 to keep and another $10,000 to donate to a local charity of their choice.

With new clues said to be released each week to narrow down the location of the $20,000 wallet, participants are encouraged to check the website for more rules and regulations before starting their search.

NHMU Explorer Corps:

While there is no monetary prize to be claimed with this hunt, Explorer Corps by the Natural History Museum of Utah offers the thrill of a “statewide road trip” with 29 destinations to learn more about our state’s natural and cultural history.

According to its website, participants must visit as many Explorer Corps markers as they desire while also tracking their discoveries using the mobile app or physical passport.

“Visiting the Explorer Corps markers has been a way for us to connect to a specific place in a deeper way,” says Utah Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson. “I encourage you all to hit the road with Explorer Corps.”

On top of the scavenger hunt, the summer will also feature Explorer Corps giveaways through the NHMU pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Other nearby treasure hunts for Utahns to try…

2023 Idaho Treasure Hunt:

As part of a collaboration between the Anderson Hicks Group and local businesses, the 2023 Idaho Treasure Hunt was started on August 4 with the promise of $5,000 for anyone who locates the hidden chest somewhere in southeastern Idaho.

Similar to our local hunts, the treasure’s location is concealed within a featured riddle, and clues are provided every week to help decipher its secret meaning.

While this adventure is free to participate in, those who follow them on Instagram and sign up for updates will have an early-access advantage. More rules, FAQs, and a treasure map revealing the chest’s boundaries can be found on the website.