SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The annual day for romance is fast approaching, with many couples still uncertain about plans to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. While the day is open to adventure, deciding on a worthwhile dinner can often be a hassle — especially if you’re not looking ahead.

To take the headache out of dinner plans, we’ve pulled together a list of ten best-rated restaurants around Salt Lake City for your special night, according to reviews on YELP. Wherever you choose to go, it’s recommended to make reservations as early as possible, to guarantee your night on the town goes perfectly.

1. White Horse

Considered to be one of the trendiest Brasseries in the city, White Horse makes for a romantic night out with yummy, shared plates and stellar beverages. Its classy yet comfortable seating gives diners a laid-back atmosphere to hold conversations whilst taking in the whole experience.

2. Purgatory

Though Purgatory doesn’t take reservations, many Utahns still flock to save a seat for some of the best brunch, dinner, and drinks around. With an assorted menu of handcrafted eats, hosted events, and patio space for added fresh air — the options are endless for those couples looking to have a night out.

3. Hall Pass

Can’t decide on dinner you’ll both like? HallPass is the state’s first food hall that combines five different restaurants into one downtown venue. There’s a flavor for every taste bud here. Even more, patrons can get a refreshing cocktail or craft beer from the bar.

4. Salt & Olive

Cherished for its historic location and cozy ambiance, Salt & Olive opens up the community to a whole new form of fast-casual. For those special occasions, a hearty selection of Italian-inspired eats along with its curated cocktail menu make this spot just right for romance.

5. The Copper Onion

Deemed a local favorite among foodies, The Copper Onion prides itself on being an “approachable dining experience for all.” This quaint restaurant has a classy collection of gourmet bites and beverages, complete with smaller and larger plates for any appetite.

6. Red Iguana

This top-rated restaurant has been winning awards for well over a decade now. To the locals, Red Iguana is a must-try with its casual downtown vibe and authentic flavors of Mexico. Having multiple locations to choose from in Salt Lake City, finding some “killer Mexican food” is even easier for couples.

7. Carson Kitchen

Carson Kitchen is not your normal neighborhood restaurant in the city. It specializes in reimagined comfort food, bringing classic options with a focus on refined quality and flavor. For local lovebirds, their choice selection of libations pairs perfectly with the overall vibe.

8. Chile-Tepin

Just a short walk from the city’s biggest shopping hubs, Chile-Tepin offers a delicious lineup of handcrafted Mexican cuisine and cocktails with portions large enough for two to share. Also, an excellent venue to pass the time with smaller plates from their savory list of appetizers.

9. Slackwater (SLC)

Quickly growing as a community favorite for artisan pizza, curated beer menus, and live music, Slackwater opens patrons up to a relaxed dinner with all the fixings. While they have three locations to choose from, there’s nothing quite like a night out in a Salt Lake City staple.

10. Lake Effect

Considered one of the city’s most popular hot spots when the sun goes down, Lake Effect is an intimate venue with classy decor and an even classier fine dining menu. Bring your dancing shoes and a partner to make the most of their live music and nightlife scene.