SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Utah’s art scene is expanding this spring, as The Leonardo officially opened its newest exhibit called “Banksy in Motion” on April 14.

With the exhibit formerly shown in countries across Europe, this is the first time it will premiere in North America — giving local audiences an unforgettable encounter with works from one of the world’s most prolific artists.

“Banksy is an important voice in the contemporary Street Art world, and we want to provide an opportunity for our local community and visitors to experience and reflect on his work,” said Alexandra Hesse, CEO of The Leonardo.

While Banksy in Motion is not authorized or curated in collaboration with the artist, it uses the imagery and themes of the artist’s pieces, breathing life into them through animations and projections in The Leonardo’s Idea Space.

Visitors will have the chance to explore works including “Flower Thrower” and “Rude Copper” — as well as other images that provide unique perspectives on human nature among other world topics.

According to Hesse: “We hope our visitors will leave the exhibit feeling inspired and engaged, and that our accompanying programs and community discussions will encourage further learning and dialogue around these important topics.”

Banksy in Motion is the sixth addition to the immersive Art Through Experience series, which is currently in its second straight year at the museum.

To widen the audience for this new exhibit, The Leonardo and the show’s producer Universal Exhibition Group are offering free access to all high school students during the month of April. They can enter at no cost by bringing a valid student ID to The Leonardo box office.

Tickets for Banksy in Motion are now available on The Leonardo’s website.