UTAH (ABC4) – The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing color, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu at your favorite coffee stop. Fall is in the air with the season officially changing to autumn on Wednesday. It’s just about time to break out the hoodies and beanies and put the swim trunks and tank tops away until next year.

A lot of times, folks who write captions on their social media posts refer to this time as Spooky Season. In the fall, few things are spookier than a haunted house, complete with costumed actors, dramatic environments, and screaming teenagers – and adults, at times.

For those looking for a thrill or a jolt of fear during Spooky Season in Utah, here are some of the best haunted houses in the state. Keep in mind, with cuffing season also around the corner, heading to a haunted house can make for a great date night:

Haunted Hollow

Courtesy of Haunted Hollow

Walking through a haunted trail in the woods under the pitch darkness of night? Some may say ‘No thanks,’ others will leap to the chance to experience a haunted house without the house part. Patrons at the Odgen-based attraction are taken through a trail passing through a forest packed with all manner of monsters, demons, and other terrifying figures in caves, swamps, abandoned mine shafts, and other surprises along the way. Chances are you might get a little dirty, so appropriate clothing and footwear should be a consideration. You’ll be subject to whatever Mother Nature throws at you, as well as any other bumps in the night that come your way on the trail.

Being an outdoor haunt there is nothing as unsettling as creatures waiting to scare you when there is a full moon casting shadows throughout the forest. The scare factor only amps up if there’s is a bit of a storm.

Haunted Hallow ownership

Fear Factory SLC

Courtesy of Fear Factory SLC

It’s impossible to miss the Fear Factory on the east side of I-15, it just is. The old cement factory-turned massive haunted house dominates the area’s landscape. With dramatic statues of hanging bodies and monsters dangling tortured souls off the building, Fear Factory wants you to notice it and question, is it really haunted? The building looks almost tailor-made for all kinds of nefarious and spooky activities. When it comes to repurposing something that already gives off big-time scary vibes into something that is actually a terrifyingly fun experience, Fear Factory SLC is the golden standard.

Dead City Haunted House

Courtesy of Dead City Haunted House

If you’re going to place a haunted house somewhere, what better place to put it than right next to a graveyard? Located right next to the cemetery in Murray, Dead City, population unknown, features some top-quality animatronics and special effects built in-house. The creativity and execution of these scary are a sight to behold. Highlights include some kind of anthropomorphic pumpkin man, a swamp goblin with teeth that extend all the way around its head, and a demonic monster with its head in the middle of its body to make room for the giant machine gun on its shoulders. Who comes up with this stuff? Whoever it is, they do an incredible job of bringing nightmares to life at Dead City.

Nightmare on 13th

Courtesy of Nightmare on 13th

Like Fear Factory, Nightmare on 13th, which receives its name due to its location on 1300 S in Salt Lake City (pretty clever, huh?) often draws looks and intrigue as to what mysteries are within its Draconian spires. During Spooky Season – and whenever a Friday the 13th occurs at other parts of the calendar year – the doors are thrown open and visitors are invited to explore Utah’s oldest running haunted attraction. With over 30 years of experience terrifying Utahs throughout the fall, and on a day or so at other points throughout the year, Nightmare has become legendary in local circles. Just get past the terrifying animatronic Dragon-like creature perched over the doorway and you’ll be fine, we promise…

Castle of Chaos

Courtesy of Castle of Chaos

Here’s the truth, some people have a higher fear threshold than others, that’s just the way it is. Castle of Chaos knows this to be true and supplies a set of options with scare levels on a scale of 1-5. If you can’t handle the full heat of Hell’s Kitchen, no worries, Castle of Chaos can still provide you with enough of a scare to make for a great night. Oh here’s something cool, the Castle actually isn’t your typical towering building, it’s completely underground, a bit below the typical 6-feet deep graves that the undead rise from. If you’re the type that really wants to feel the horrors of a completely immersive experience, then the $99 overnight Krusebel Extreme Haunt might be your cup of pumpkin spice latte. But chances are, the nearest Starbucks will feel like a lifetime away.

Other shows focus on stature and tech, we focus on you our guests offering fear levels 1-5, meaning you pick your level or threshold of intensity and fear. We supply every twist and turn of Utah’s only completely underground haunted house.

Castle of Chaos ownership

Asylum 49

Courtesy of Asylum 49

As a football player would argue to a basketball player, full contact makes a big difference. Asylum 49 in Tooele would make the same argument. Little is known about the Asylum so many questions remain; are there 48 other ones, are there an even 50 in this group of haunted houses, what makes this building a ‘historic landmark,’ how does one call this haunted hospital to ask for additional information (their number is listed as 666-666-6666)? It seems like heading out west to explore and inquire of the residents of asylum is the only way to get any answers.

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