SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — It’s a live musical theater event that you get to be part of. After a decade, the Rocky Horror Show is returning to the stage at the Pioneer Theatre for Utah audiences.

The classic Rocky Horror Show musical is celebrating its 50th anniversary and the Pioneer Theater hopes everyone can come and enjoy it.

“We encourage people to throw things, yell things out and that’s what’s so magical about Rocky Horror,” said the show’s narrator Randall Carlisle. “The audience gets totally involved. They get a bag of props. They have hot dogs, streamers and newspapers they put over their head when Brad and Janet are getting rained on.”

It’s a show that really has it all, including musical numbers and zany characters. The actors are all used to the singing, the dancing, and the crazy costumes they wear on stage, but when the audience does the same thing? That’s new for a few on stage.

“I’ve never done a show where, you know, the audience is participating in the show to this extent,” said actress Micki Martinez.

Director and Choreographer Karen Azenberg said hopes the return of the Rocky Horror Show will drive people back to live theater.

“I think we spent a lot of time at home in front of a smaller screen or a phone, seeing things that maybe were not live and there is nothing like that energy,” said Azenberg.

What better way to experience that energy of live theater than with screaming, yelling, and memorable performances? The whole show has a two-hour runtime, giving audiences plenty to enjoy.

The show itself may not be suitable for all ages, however. The Pioneer Theater has a content advisory warning audiences of some “comic excess” violence, sexual themes and potentially offensive language.

You can learn more about Pioneer Theatre’s Rocky Horror Show, including the content advisory warnings, or buy tickets on the show’s website.