(ABC4) – It’s no secret that Utah residents are crazy about their French fries. Apart from water and Dirty Diet Cokes, there might be no semi-liquid substance consumed in the state as much as Fry Sauce.

The discussion on which local favorite has the best fries has been a heated debate that has caused households to divide, marriages to crumble, and wars to rage in the Beehive State. Not really, but there is still plenty of opinions to go around as to which homegrown spot has the best fries in town.

For the sake of keeping things local, national franchises such as McDonald’s, Chik-Fil-A, and Five Guys have been omitted from this list, although many folks do enjoy their fried potato slices as well.

Ab’s Drive-In

Courtesy of Ab’s Drive-In

A westside favorite for 70 years now, Ab’s Drive-In operated its initial location on 3500 South in West Valley City from 1951 to 2003 before moving to a modern location on 5600 West. While that was a big change for the family-owned business – they also changed the name from Ab’s Country Inn – but one thing has never changed; their hand-cut fries cooked to golden perfection. Pair the fries with Ab’s signature Fat Boy burger and an over-the-top banana shake and you’ll be just satisfied as the poodle-skirt and leather jacket-clad crowds that first fell in love with Ab’s in the 50s.

People love our fries because of the authenticity. Everyday our guests see us cutting and cooking them. They can see the freshness and the work that goes into them every single time.

Ashton N., franchise owner

Bumblebees KBBQ & Grill

Courtesy of Bumblebees KBBQ & Grill

The guys from Bumblebees KBBQ recently stopped by Good Things Utah to show off their uniquely crafted french fry offering, Kpop fries. Loaded with Korean BBQ beef and cheese and topped with spicy mayo, Sriracha, and green onions, these fries are the pinnacle in Asian and American food fusion. Couple the fries with a plate of extra crispy fried wings and you will wonder why there aren’t/isn’t more Asian flavor in the fried foods that we all enjoy so much. Bumblebees is a gamechanger in the way that American food is viewed and tasted.

We are a bit under the radar sometimes, but the people who know us, love us. The fries have to be a top-five fry dish in Utah.

Edward Jeong, owner

The Peach City

Courtesy of The Peach City

It seems like classic drive-in places like The Peach City in Brigham City have some of the best fries around. The Peach City on Main Street in Brigham City might as be the center of the universe for the members of the community who adore the 84-year-old local hangout. Peach City’s thick-cut fries are a longtime favorite, but the waffle fries, which are served in a chicken fingers basket, along with some Texas toast, are also just as mouthwatering. If you find yourself headed north, it is worth making a stop at The Peach City before heading through Sardine Canyon.

They’re made fresh everyday and they always come straight out of the fryer to taste like a real good potato.

Lexi Neilsen, manager

Santorini’s Greek Grill

Courtesy of Santorini’s Greek Grill

Another fusion of international flavor with fries finds its way onto our list with Davis County hotspot Santorini’s Greek Grill, which has locations in West Bountiful and Farmington and another on the way in Salt Lake County. A relatively new name on the block, Santorini’s offers four different varieties of fries; House Fries, Loaded Feta Fries, Loaded Greek Garlic Fries, and Spicy Parm Fries. All of the different flavors are beloved and good, you will probably forget to order a falafel or gyro, you might end up just enjoying a plate of the Mediterranean-inspired taters.

We are known for our fresh oil. Our oil never gets dumped or reused, we change it almost everyday. People love our fries because they come out fresh and crispy every time.

Sean Dehghani, owner


Courtesy of Leatherby’s

Why do ice cream and fries go so well together? As far as we could gather, science has yet to yield the answer. Does it matter why, though? Cheese fries and fry sauce have long been a favorite of Utahns. One of the area’s leading cheese fry spots, The Training Table, closed down for good a few years ago, but the legacy lives on at Leatherby’s, which has been a favorite dessert spot since 1984. While the odds are pretty good that you’ll try to conquer one of Leatherby’s giant ice cream sundaes on your visit, there’s no shame in deferring the ice cream for a plate of cheese-covered french fries, it’s actually quite understandable.

I think a good part of it is our homemade fry sauce, which is unique. I think that and our shredded monterrey and cheddar cheese melted on top of our fries makes a real nice blend.

Kenny Whitehead, general manager

Lucky 13

Courtesy of Lucky 13

This place already made our list of great places to grab a burger in Utah, but the fries at Lucky are so good, they have to be mentioned as well. Fact is, this place has incredibly good and popular food, PERIOD. To supplement your enormous and delicious burger, Lucky has a couple of different variations on its fries; regular, Rosemary-Garlic, and Cajun. Lucky’s spin on fry sauce, called Lucky 13 sauce, has all the regular flavoring that Utahns know and love, with a pinch of smokiness added in. For a complete meal of a burger and fries, Lucky 13 is hard to beat.

Our garlic fries are our most popular, people like a good punch of flavor.

Rob D., owner

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list. There are tons of great places to grab some fries in the Beehive State. Which is your favorite? Comment on the Facebook post below!

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