LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) — The Mount Ogden Kennel Club will be hosting its annual All Breed Dog Show this month, which is expected to feature as many as 600 dogs in the competition.

Taking place at the Cache County Fairgrounds from May 17-21, these four-legged competitors will vie for championship awards like Best in Group and Best in Show in this American Kennel Club-licensed event.

According to Pat Jenkins, president of the Mount Ogden Kennel Club: “There’s a reason we are considered the best little show in the West… It’s a fun activity for families and the perfect place to talk to breed experts about topics such as training, grooming, and the right breed for your lifestyle.”

With more than 125 breeds anticipated to compete, judges will be evaluating each animal on many characteristics including physical conditioning, quality of their coats, eye shape, teeth, and more as stipulated by the AKC.

The handlers who will be competing alongside their dog companions are to be dressed in their finest as a show of esteem for their dogs.

Jenkins remarks that most spectators may be unaware of the time and training that goes into getting dogs ready for competition. “People have spent hours and days and years of prep time for their two minutes of glory,” she says. “It is a great place for people watching and looking for your next dog to love.”

This competition will have professional breeders on hand for anyone seeking more information or a new pet.

Jenkins also says the most impressive activities will happen in the morning hours and spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs. Additionally, no unentered dogs are allowed on the grounds during the show.

Admission to the All Breed Dog Show is free. Further information is available on the Mount Ogden Kennel Club website.