SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The search continues for the 2023 Utah Treasure Hunt, with no luck thus far from anyone seeking the whereabouts of $25,000 hidden somewhere in Utah.

Now, several new clues are improving the odds for those hoping to find this year’s treasure chest.

This hunt has baffled fortune seekers across the state, with a riddle in the form of a poem indicating the chest’s location:

Begin your search where time was transcendent

Crack open the books they’re interdependent

Lift up your eyes and look for the mark

Hike to the tree that stands without bark

Pass the grain tower that looks out to the west

Not more than an hour you’ll know by its crest

Look down at your map to not wander with thirst

Remember two less than on top of the first

You’ll know you’re close where it’s time to frown

What points towards heaven but is upside down?

Get off the road at the airplane without wings

Search from the shoulder and fortune it will bring

With no one yet to solve the puzzle, the creators Dave and John have offered three hints to assist those still on the hunt.

Hint #1:

“On the 6th line of the poem, the word HOUR has multiple meanings. One of which is the chest is hidden approximately 60 feet off the path. We paced it so it’s not scientific. Plus or minus a few feet.”

Hint #2:

“The chest is not inside a cabin, shed, or any kind of structure. A lot of people have asked us this. The chest is hanging out in nature waiting for you to find it.”

Hint #3:

“The entire hunt takes place within the boundaries. Many people have asked if the chest is inside the boundaries but other clues in the poem are not. The entire poem takes place within these boundaries.”

Courtesy: Utah Treasure Hunt

Further hints will be emailed to subscribers every Friday until the treasure is officially located.

According to the creators: “When someone finds the chest, we will announce it as soon as we can. So you can assume if we haven’t announced it’s been found, then the chest is still at large.”