UTAH (ABC4) – Every state has its own list of state-specific words or pronunciations of words that might sound completely foreign to others.

If you live in the great Beehive State and use these 10 words, chances are you are probably as local as it gets.

Here is a list of 10 things Utahns use as slang words or pronounce differently.


In Utah, sluff or sluffing means you are going to skip class. Skipping, ditching, or cutting class are common terms used to describe the adolescent behavior. Utah students call it sluffing.


Utah is known for having the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” When you hear a Utahan say it’s a great “powder” or even “pow” day they are not talking about a ground-up substance, they are talking about the fresh snow they can’t wait to get out and ski on.

Funeral Potatoes:

What you might know and love as “cheesy potatoes” are “funeral potatoes” to Utahns. The traditional potato and cheese hotdish or casserole got its name from being a crowd-pleasing favorite comfort food served at funeral luncheons in Utah.

Fry Sauce:

Fry Sauce is a mayo ketchup concoction that originated at Arctic Circle in Utah. It’s served with French fries, on hamburgers, or really anything you want to dip in it. It is a delicious and addicting condiment Utahns love.


“Oh I know them, they live in my ward.” If you live in Utah you might have heard this phrase or something similar. To a Utah visitor, you might think they are referring to a prison or hospital ward. No, they are referring to a congregation of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who live in their neighborhood.

Holy War:

In Utah, the Holy War is the football game between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. It is a rivalry as old as time.

Elder or Elders:

If you hear a Utahn talking about an Elder or the Elders, they aren’t referring to someone old in age. They are referring to a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These male missionaries, called Elders, and female missionaries, called Sisters, are usually between the ages of 18 and 22 serving service missions for their faith all around the world.


If you’re a Utah native you probably say ‘mow-in” instead of mountain. Dropping the ‘t’ on words is an obvious way to tell people you are from the great Beehive State.

Non-curse words:

Heck, frick, dang, shoot. Utahns love and utilize these darn curse word knock-offs like they are the real thing.

Dirty Diet Coke:

Utahns love their soda. Especially Diet Coke. To doctor the diet soda up they make it “dirty” but not in a way you might think. A classic “Dirty Diet Coke” is a concoction with coconut syrup, fresh lime, and a splash of cream.