(ABC4) – Summer is here and so are new Netflix shows. Here’s a list of all the shows that are coming to Netflix in July.

Coming to Netflix on July 1st:

  • A Call to Spy (2020) – Biopic from Lydia Dean Pilcher on Vera Atkins, a spy recruiter for Churchill’s secret army.
  • Contraband (2012) – Mark Wahlberg stars in this action crime drama about a former smuggler headed to Panama for a big score.
  • Final Score (2018) – Dave Bautista and Pierce Brosnan star in this action movie about what happens when a football stadium is seized by criminals.
  • John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998) – Horror thriller starring James Wood and Daniel Baldwin. About a vampire slayer.
  • Natural Born Killers (1994) – Woody Harrelson spoof movie about the Knox’s who embarks on a killing spree.
  • Old School (2003) – Comedy from Todd Phillips starring Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Luke Wilson about three guys in their thirties hoping to relive their college glory days.
  • Stranger Things (Season 4 – Volume 2) N – The final two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things with Eleven going toe-to-toe with Vecna.
  • Wild Card (2015) – Jason Statham’s action movie about a freelance tough guy with a gambling habit unwittingly stirs the wrath of a pitiless mob boss.

Coming to Netflix on July 3rd

  • Blair Witch (2016) – Lionsgate horror movie rebooting the 1999 movie. About a group of friends heading to the forest believed to be inhabited by the Blair Witch.

Coming to Netflix on July 6th

  • Control Z (Season 3 – Final Season) N – Spanish-language teen drama series.
  • Girl in the Picture (2022) N – Mystery true-crime documentary.
  • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between (2022) N – From Ace Entertainment comes this new rom-com starring Julia Benson, Jennifer Robertson, and Jordan Fisher.
  • King of Stonks (Season 1) N – German drama series based on a CEO of a huge FinTech company but things are not going as swimmingly as their outward image projects.

Coming to Netflix on July 7th

  • Karma’s World (Season 3) N – Kids animated series from producer Ludacris.
  • Vinland Saga (Season 1) – The first season of the adventure anime series from Wit Studio directed by Shūhei Yabuta.

Coming to Netflix on July 8th

  • Boo, Bitch (Limited Series) N – Limited series starring Lana Condor who plays a high-school senior who finds out she’s a ghost.
  • Capitani (Season 2) N – Luxembourgian crime drama returns for a second season.
  • Dangerous Liaisons (2022) N – French romantic drama about a young girl falling for a bad boy find out she’s part of a bet.
  • How to Build a Sex Room (Season 1) N – Docu-reality series.
  • Incantatation (2022) N – Taiwanese mockumentary.
  • Jewel (2022) N – South African film about a photographer finding herself falling for some of her subjects.
  • Ranveer Vs Wild with Bear Grylls (2022) N – A new Bear Brylls interactive special featuring Ranveer Singh.
  • The Longest Night (Limited Series) N – Spanish-language crime drama series. About a psychiatric prison where a group of armed men aims to capture an incarcerated serial killer.
  • The Sea Beast (2022) N – From the co-director of Disney’s Moana comes a new animated epic about a young girl who gets stowed away on the boat where the crew are legendary monster hunters.

Coming to Netflix on July 11th

  • For Jojo (2022) N – German-language romantic drama.
  • Team Zenko Go (Season 2) N – Kids animated series.
  • Valley of the Dead (2022) N – Spanish movie set during the Spanish civil war about a group of sworn enemies working together to fight flesh-eating zombies.

Coming to Netflix on July 12th

  • How to Change Your Mind (Season 1) N – Michael Pollan presents this docuseries that looks into psychedelics.
  • My Daughter’s Killer (2022) N – French documentary about a father fighting for decade to bring his daughter’s killer to justice.

Coming to Netflix on July 13th

  • Big Timber (Season 2) N – HISTORY channel’s reality series about lumberjacks returns after a two-year wait.
  • CHiPS (2017) – Michael Pena and Dax Sheperd star in this buddy-cop feature film from Warner Bros. Pictures.
  • D. B. Cooper: Where Are You (Season 1) N – Documentary true-crime series about the infamous skyjacker who parachuted into obscurity several decades ago with buckets of cash.
  • Hurts Like Hell (Season 1) N – Thai series about the seedy underworld behind the once-revered sport of Muay Thai in this drama inspired by real events.
  • Never Stop Dreaming: The Life and Legacy of Shimon Peres (2022) N – Documentary about the politician Shimon Peres.
  • Sintonia (Season 3 – Final Season) N – Portuguese crime teen drama.

Coming to Netflix on July 14th

  • Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (Season 1) N – Jack Black is back to voice in this new Kung Fu Panda series from DreamWorks Animation.
  • Resident Evil (Season 1) N – One of the biggest video game horror franchises in history is getting adapted in this new series led by Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb.

Coming to Netflix on July 15th

  • Alba (Season 1) N – Spanish romance series about a rape victim’s battle to know whether or not to bring forward the evidence to authorities.
  • Farzar (2022) N – A new adult-animated series from the creators of Brickleberry and Paradise PD.
  • Jaadugar (2022) N – Indian romantic-comedy movie directed by Sameer Saxena.
  • Persuasion (2022) N – Carrie Cracknell directs this new period drama movie based on the Jane Austen novel and stars Dakota Johnson in the lead role.
  • Remarriage & Desires (Season 1) N – Korean romantic series. Starring Kim Hee-seon, Lee Hyun-wook, and Jung Eugene.
  • Uncharted (2022) – Tom Holland plays the video game character of Nathan Drake in this action-adventure movie.

Coming to Netflix on July 20th

  • Virgin River (Season 4) N – The latest season of Netflix’s romantic drama series about Jack and Mel living in a small-town.

 Coming to Netflix on July 21st

  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (Season 5 – Final Season) N – The final season of the animated series based on the Jurassic Park franchise from DreamWorks Animation.

Coming to Netflix on July 22nd

  • The Gray Man (2022) N – Netflix’s biggest movie in history arrives on July 22nd and brings together an all-star cast in this action thriller. Stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, and Regé-Jean Page.

Coming to Netflix on July 29th

  • Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time (Season 1) N – First season of the crime anime series directed by Tomochi Kosaka.
  • Fanático (Season 1) N – The story of Quimera, Spain’s greatest musical idol who dies in front of his fans during a concert.
  • Purple Hearts (2022) N – An aspiring musician finds true love with a soldier through an unexpected way.
  • Uncoupled (Season 1) N – Neil Patrick Harris headlines this new comedy series.