SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Spotify users may stumble across something new if they explore the homepage of the app. A beta version of a new AI DJ has been added, giving new curated music, context and commentary while we listen to our favorite tunes.

The beta version of the AI DJ rolled out at the end of February. According to Spotify, the DJ knows its listeners and their music taste. Through analyzing a listener’s music history, the AI DJ will scan for the latest releases that match the listener’s music taste. It will also go back and grab some nostalgic hits that maybe the user played on repeat to rediscover.

The entire function is fully voiced too using Sonantic, a dynamic AI voice platform acquired by Spotify in June 2022.

Using the vocal talents of Xavier “X” Jernigan, the Sonantic software gives the AI DJ a shockingly life-like feel with realistic transitions from songs and commentary to provide context. The combination of Jernigan and the program’s OpenAI technology allows the feature to provide true traditional radio station fell for music discovery.

If at any time the user isn’t “feeling the vibe” the AI DJ is playing, they can simply tap the DJ button at the bottom right of the screen. The DJ will get the message and start playing a different genre, artist, or mood until the listener is satisfied with what they are hearing.

The DJ can be found on the app’s home screen. By tapping “Music” in the top left, users will find the DJ front and center and can begin listening.

In addition to DJ, Spotify gave more control of the Taste Profile to the listener as well. A listener’s Taste Profile is based on the music they listen to. It’s what Spotify uses to curate playlist recommendations like Discover Weekly as well as provide context for the end-of-year Spotify Wrapped.

Sometimes what we listen to at work or at the gym might not fit our general listening, but it still counted toward our Taste Profile. Depending on how listeners use Spotify, it could affect their curated playlists in a way they aren’t satisfied with.

In early February, Spotify fixed this issue by providing the power to exclude a playlist or certain songs and genres from the Taste Profile. Spotify says the ability will make music personalization better than ever. Music can be re-included into the Taste Profile later on as well, in case the listener decides they want to hear more of that music.

More changes to the music streaming platform could be well on the way as well after Spotify announced some organizational changes at the beginning of the year. According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, the platform has ambitious goals and he is confident 2023 will continue to see a steady stream of innovations.