Disclaimer: The following content is reported via third parties and may not reflect the entirety of mature content.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — As Oppenheimer makes its official debut in Utah, ABC4 breaks down what mature content is reported in the rated-R film.

The film follows J. Robert Oppenheimer, an American Scientist, as he helps to develop the atomic bomb. Due to the inherent violent aspect of an atomic bomb, viewers can expect frightening scenes. But what else is in the film that viewers should watch out for?

Aside from violence, the film contains “some sexuality, nudity, and language.” According to viewers on IMDB, this includes a scene where Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy) is shown having sexual intercourse with his ex-wife (played by Florence Pugh), and partial nudity is shown. Cillian Murphy also mentioned there was “prolonged nudity” in an article with The Guardian. The sex scene in Oppenheimer is approximately 15 minutes long.

It also reportedly includes one other sex scene that includes partial female nudity. According to viewers, it may also include images of female nudity in non-sexual contexts. It also includes several discussions about Oppenheimer’s sex life.

According to viewers, the last half of the movie is severely frightening and intense. This is due to the catastrophic impacts of the atomic bomb, visions of a nuclear holocaust, burned bodies, and radiation sickness. It also reportedly shows what an atomic bomb does to human flesh. One user said, “There is a large sense of terror throughout the last half of the movie.” There are also reportedly frequent mentions of bombing, deaths, and injuries.

As for profanity, viewers reported that there are over a dozen uses of swear words, sexual expletives, scatological curses, and usage of deity terms.

According to viewers, alcoholism is a recurring issue in the film, as well as cigarettes. Characters frequently smoke cigarettes (as is historically accurate) and drink alcohol both addictively, and in social situations.

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