TRIGGER WARNING: Contains information about sex trafficking.

(ABC4) –“It’s Happening Right Here,” a documentary about how child trafficking surrounds us, was released today, Jan. 31, 2023, on major streaming services.

The documentary, which originally debuted in theaters Nov 3, 2022, is now available to stream on Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, and Google Play for $3.99-$4.99 USD.

“It’s Happening Right Here unveils the truth that sex trafficking can happen in any community.” Amazon Prime Video states, “[…] technology has expanded the reach of predators through gaming and social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and even Roblox.”

Online sex trafficking, sextortion, and grooming are examined through interviews with survivors, law enforcement, and technology experts in this 75 min documentary. It also provides preventative tools for parents and children, in an effort to fight child trafficking.

It was created and directed by 22-time Emmy Award-winning director Nick Nanton, and Emmy Award-winning story producer Katie Tschopp.

“[This is] the most comprehensive documentary I’ve seen,” Cheryl Gardner, P.R. rep. for O.U.R. said, “on how and where child trafficking takes place, and how this scourge is being stopped.”

A companion song titled “It’s Happening Right Here” was also released by country artist RaeLynn on Youtube.

The O.U.R. was founded in 2013 in Salt Lake City by Tim Ballard, a former CIA agent, and Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security. After investigating child trafficking and pedophile rings in the United States, he formed the O.U.R. Operations Team.

What started as a non-profit rescue team has since expanded into a full-fledged, non-profit organization that claims they assist in identifying victims of human trafficking, operating rescue missions, and providing aftercare to survivors.

“Despite the darkness of these crimes, hope can be found in the organizations fighting to end trafficking, and those sharing their experiences to protect others,” Apple states in their description.

Watch the trailer for the film here, and listen to the song here. To watch the film, go to Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, or Google Play.