(ABC4) – ABC4’s Brian Carlson sits down in an exclusive interview with singing sensation GENTRI. 

Before reaching millions on YouTube and performing for massive crowds throughout the world, GENTRI (which stands for The Gentlemen Trio) had very humble beginnings.

“We decided to follow the route every father has for their thirty-year-old son — we decided to have a mid-life crisis and start a boy band,” says Robins.

The band says the idea for their band was first suggested by singer Casey Elliot’s wife. Although the men recall laughing at the idea at the time.

“We kind of laughed like, a boy band? You realize we’re like 30 right?” says Bradley Quinn Lever.

“We knew there were a lot of boy bands out there, but do they have groups who are a little bit more mature and that have kind of the gentlemen vibe and the gentlemen principles?” says Elliot.

While not taking the idea seriously at first, the men realized there was actually quite a lot of potential for the to find success together. They decided to take the leap after enjoying a Utah Symphony concert featuring a performance by Pink Martini.

“There was this idea of marrying cinematic music with pop music,” says Elliot. “We kind of come from this theatrical background and pop background, so it seemed to make sense.”

The band describes their music as “Cinematic Pop.”

“I guess the best way to describe it is our music helps people feel things,” says Elliot. “Whether it is feeling inspired or DARE to dream, or feeling emotional as they think about reconnecting with loved ones who have passed on.”

The trio’s new single, “Dare” garnered international attention after featuring a very special young girl in their music video. The young ballerina dances beautifully throughout the video, executing stunning moves. 

“It was an amazing story, they reached out and asked if they would like to be featured in our video because our song was about daring to dream despite all the odds,” says Elliot. “We like to create things that connect with people at a deep level.”

The band says the most important thing about their music is connecting with fans on an emotional level. Their aim has always been to move and inspire fans and listeners.

“Generally speaking, they’re more emotional about what the music has done for them, than meeting the celebrity of Gentri,” says Brad Robins. “It’s more fulfilling for us as artists, is understanding and realizing that they have connected to our music. In a way that has healed them, touched them, that has helped them get through or overcome something in their life.”

Despite their immense love for the craft of music, sometimes things can feel like a “job,” but remembering the reason they pursued GENTRI and music-making in the first place reminds them of what’s truly important.

“At the end of the day, being a musician can be like anything else and become a job,” says Robins. “I mean there’s mundane things you gotta do. Having a deeper meaning behind the group motivated us, as opposed to being a job, it became somewhat of a life calling, which has made it more impactful and meaningful, not only for those listening but for us too. It inspires us to be our best selves as well.”

GENTRI will be performing a special holiday concert at the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City from November 26-27. To purchase tickets and check out the full event info, click here.

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