(ABC4) – According to Variety, Freddie Highmore and Maisie Williams will star in a new movie together titled “Sinner V. Saints.”

The movie will be an adaptation of a bizarre true story about an American ex-beauty queen who was accused of kidnapping and raping an LDS missionary in England in the 1970s.

The film is set to be directed by Tim Kirkby and will begin shooting in early 2023. Maisie Williams will star as the obsessive Joyce McKinney and Freddie Highmore will star as the LDS missionary Kirk Anderson.

Mark Williams and Andriana Williams are set to produce the movie. “It’s rare to find an over-the-top true story with compelling characters and zany twists and turns like this,” said Andriana Williams. “The all-consuming passion, absurd lawbreaking, and outrageous antics made news around the world then and can be sure to entertain today.”

The story is based on the book, “Joyce McKinney and the Case of the Manacled Mormon” by Anthony Delano.

It seems there has been a pattern with LDS true crime being made into movies and television series recently. Netflix recently released a documentary, “Murder Among the Mormons” in 2021 about a bomber terrorizing Salt Lake City in the 1980s.

Hulu’s new series, “Under the Banner of Heaven” follows the brutal murder of LDS member Brenda Lafferty in Salt Lake in 1984.

Kirkby tells Variety he’s approaching “Sinner V. Saints” with positivity saying, “I’ve never read a more no-holds-barred fever dream of a script that whisks the reader on a journey of sex, obsession, and rock ‘n’ religion like ‘Sinner V. Saints.’ Obsessive, first love is a magnificent premise, and sprinkle on top a killer true story involving abduction, quirky supporting characters, and the era of free love, and you have a cocktail of something very potent. It is a pleasure to roll around in the world of our anti-heroine Joyce McKinney.”