(ABC4) – Utah singer David Archuletta has announced to his fans that he is recovering from a vocal surgery he had on Monday.

The singer gave the update to his fans on Instagram Tuesday afternoon explaining that the surgery had something to do with nodules and blood vessels on and in the vocal cords.

“Today was the checkup on how things are looking. The surgery went really well so I just have to continue resting and healing. I feel great so far as far as all-around health. Will have to take things easy for a while is all. A few weeks at least,” the singer told fans on an Instagram post.

He says he hasn’t spoken since Feb. 7 and plans on continuing to take vocal rest.

Archuleta’s surgery was performed by Dr. Nasseri Shawn in Beverly Hills, California. The singer also said Dr. Nasseri discovered Archuletta had a vocal paralysis issue when he was “12 or 13.”

According to the doctor, Archuletta’s air passage is the size of a five-year-old due to the vocal paralysis.