SPRINGVILLE, Utah (News4Utah) –  It was divine intervention that led a man to Elizabeth Salgado’s remains.

That’s the belief of her family who on Friday viewed the area where her body was found in late May.

Salgado disappeared three years ago while leaving a special language school in Provo.  It was in broad daylight when she disappeared and for three years the family hoped and prayed she would return.

Authorities identified the remains as those of Elizabeth.  Her mother and father are in Utah County this week getting updates about the investigation, viewing her remains and finally making the journey in Hobble Creek Canyon to where she was found.

“I mean like I didn’t even know this place existed before,” said Rosenberg Salgado, Elizabeth’s uncle.

 “Who in the world would  have, could have done that?”

They were escorted to the site by a member of the Utah County sheriff’s office. It was about 30-yards from a dirt road where Elizabeth’s remains were found by someone using the area to relieve himself.

“It was a miracle that she was found here, that someone stopped here to go to the bathroom and find her,” said the uncle.

Beneath a canopy of trees and scrub oak a small circle of dirt lay.  It was where Elizabeth laid for three years.  

Sgt. Spencer Cannon says finding this area would have been more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

“A person could drive by this spot a thousand times and even if he knew what he was looking for, he wouldn’t be able to see where Elizabeth was found,” said Sgt. Cannon.

Elizabeth’s mother and father along with siblings and relatives then laid a cross where she once laid.

Red roses were placed carefully to decorate the area.

The family joined in prayers for Elizabeth.

 One of those prayers were from her mom.  She said, “I am so grateful to God for sending me Elizabeth, she was like an angel in my life.  God let me borrow her for the time that she was alive and I am so, so grateful that I had her.”

It was during those prayers that her father spotted something unusual.  He turned over the finding to Sgt. Cannon.

“Their evidence,” said Sgt. Cannon.  “They’re part of her remains.”

It left her uncle shuddering knowing they had come across Elizabeth.

“It’s very hard, it’s hard to know that the remains you are seeing belong to the person that you love,” Rosenberg Salgado said.

They continued looking for more evidence after speaking to reporters.

But the uncle said they still want justice.

“We want this monster caught,” he said.  “Please, please if anyone knows something or saw something, please call the sheriff.”