Utah’s PTA joins efforts for petition to overturn tax overhaul bill


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- The Utah Parent Teacher Association is supporting a petition that would let voters decide whether they actually want a massive tax overhaul, which was passed by the state legislature in special session last month.

Members of the Board of Directors say they unanimously Thursday to officially support efforts to collect signatures for the petition.

“As dedicated volunteers, the parents, teachers, grandparents and students in Utah PTA have a calling and mission to help every child’s potential become a reality. We donate thousands of hours, worth millions of dollars, to our schools because we know education is key to achieving potential,” a statement from PTA members said.

Opposers say the tax bill takes $680 million out of the education fund, with no plan to replace the funds.

“When there is a threat to the funding Utah schools will receive, and therefore a threat to the future of our children, we are compelled to action,” PTA members said.

See their full statement here.

Click here for more on the petition.

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