UTAH (ABC4) – Utah students were ranked fifth in the nation for success on AP exams for 2021. Utah’s class of 2021 took approximately 39,500 AP exams and earned a score of 3, 4, or 5 over 67% of the time.

Scores are distributed from 1-5 with a score of a 5 being 90-100% on the test. These scores are then used to gain college credits. How many credits students earns will depend on the test taken and the college they decide to attend.

Utah was ranked the fifth highest passing rate in the nation, according to the College Board. The four states ahead of Utah include South Dakota, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Connecticut.

“We are pleased to see our students stretching themselves academically and succeeding” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sydnee Dickson. “We look forward to next year’s results in light of the just passed House Bill 390 which offers assistance to students who are struggling financially to take AP exams and enroll in early college and concurrent enrollment programs.”

Utah’s Most Popular AP Exams in 2021

# Exam Taken% 3, 4, 5
English Language/Composition4,80968.1
Human Geography4,55464.4
United States History4,19162.7
World History: Modern2,68262.9
Calculus AB2,58664.3
English Literature/Composition2,52864.3
U.S. Government & Politics1,91167.8
Provided by College Board

Utah Student Participation in AP Exams

Number Taking Exams9,77712,50414,27114,361
Number Scoring 3 or Higher6,8618,6119,75610,155
% Graduates Scoring 3 or Higher22.222.122.622.7
Provided by College Board