(ABC4) – The National Education Association released their report for 2022 on teacher salaries and student spending per state.

Utah ranked #50 in the nation for student spending. The average per-student spending was $8,968 while New York took the top spot for spending an average of $28,704 per student.

The report also took into account Washington D.C., so Idaho ranked last in the nation at #51 for student spending. Averaging $8,376 per student.

Spending per student is calculated by dividing all expenditures made over an entire academic year by the number of students.

The average spending per student across the entire country was $12,000.

The spending a school makes all depends on different factors. This can be attributed to the amount of funding a school receives, teacher salaries, and benefits.

Utah has ranked low in student spending over the last two decades. This has largely been attributed to Utah’s low percentage of lower-income students. Less than 8% reported living below the poverty line for the 2020 census.

Utah was ranked third for the least amount of poverty. Coming behind Maryland and New Hampshire.

It’s also important to note that each school district spends a different amount on students. In Utah, the Grand school district spent around 29,000 per student while the Tooele school district spent around 9,000 in 2020.