Students falling behind due to the pandemic


OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – The pandemic resulted in the most disruptive event to affect education in the last 100 years, according to leaders from the Utah State Board of Education.

Charliegh May’s children attend a charter school in Ogden, separate from the Ogden School District. She says the pandemic put her 6 year old daughter, Azalea behind in her first grade class. 

“Just staying home for that extra amount of time, not being able to socialize normally not being able to go anywhere normally was really stressful and really hard,” says May.

She says her 9 year old son Zayden who is in fourth grade is keeping up academically, but has struggled mentally.

“He didn’t want to go back, because he’s so used to being home now and the thought just caused a lot of anxiety,” says May.

According to leaders from the Ogden School District, parents like Charliegh aren’t alone, and children are falling behind all across the state. The disruption began back in March of last year.

“The disruptions have been ongoing throughout this school year, where we see students in quarantine, high schools that have had to transition to distanced learning a few times and it’s had a compounding effect,” says Rich Nye, the superintendent of Ogden School District.

The Ogden School District already has systems in place, like credit recovery intervention, where educators take a personalized approach to learning, to get students back up to speed.

“What we’re seeing this year, is an increase in number of students who are needing those interventions, because of those compromises to their learning, needing additional help,” says Nye.

The Utah State Board of Education is now investing 5 million dollars to schools to provide strategies and coaching to educators in grades PreK-3rd, so students like Azalea can get the tools they need to get back on track.

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