SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – For the first two weeks of schooling at home, Utah teachers have focused on review work and getting kids online, but now teachers are transitioning to for-credit lessons online. 

Mom Autum Adams now has six school-aged children learning from home, plus two toddlers and one on the way.  She said, “We were all kind of devastated when the timeline got stretched honestly.”

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She says her kids actually miss school, but learning from home is working, “I float around helping wherever needed, whatever kid needs help. It is sometimes, ‘go to your sister, she’ll be able to help you’.”

Adams says the hardest part has been getting the technology to work, and coordinating between the more than 40 teachers and admin communicating with them. 

Mrs. Ricks is a seventh-grade history teacher in the Canyons District; she says teaching with technology has major benefits. “The student can stop and pause and rewind and that’s not an opportunity we get in school usually.”

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Students access classes through a portal like canvas, that portal can then take them to a huge number of resources and sites and help–but teachers say there’s help for parents too. 

“We’re here for them too, not just their student. We know right now they’re taking on part of our role, we want to help them do that,” said Mrs. Ricks. 

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Some advice from Mrs. Ricks: take a break if you need it, trust your student, and maybe bend the rules a little; do school at different times of day when they’re up for it. 

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