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Education is the main focus of Draper’s clean air campaign

DRAPER, Utah (ABC4 News)— The winter season means inversions and poor air quality. 

That’s why Monday, state and local leaders are calling on Utahns to “do your part.”

It’s apart of the city of Draper’s clean air campaign which coincides with the city’s idle free week. 

The campaign kicks off a week of clean air initiatives for all Draper city schools. 

The campaign was held at Willow Springs Elementary school to illustrate air pollutants in the community.

According to the city, 53% of air pollutants are from a mobile source. Schools are a common hot spot; specifically during drop off and pick up, due to the number of cars and buses running their engines in a small space. 

“We are trying to educate the kids, to educate the parents, to make a difference you know? This is small but all small things add up and there are a lot of cars that come to school every day and sit and if we change the behavior of all of us, we think we can make a difference,” Mayor Troy Walker City of Draper said. 

Salt Lake County also donate a vehicle named “Claire the Clean Air Monitor” to track pollution levels throughout the community. 

Other common pollution hot spots are traffic corridors and industrial sites.

For more about what you can do to help clean Utah’s air, click here.

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