DeVos wants American families to be able to choose where to send their kids to school


In honor of National School Choice Week Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has made “school choice” a centerpiece of her education policy for the Trump administration.

Secretary DeVos says she is pushing to expand “school choice” nationwide and is calling on Congress to help.

DeVos also says American families should be able to choose where their children go to school. Everyone benefits when kids are in learning environments that works for them.

“People want to have choices. They want choices for their kids,” Sec. Betsy DeVos said.

“School choice” allows parents the ability to select a school for their children, whether it’s public or private and their tax dollars would follow their children.

Teachers unions like the “National Education Association” say they oppose the idea because it takes money away from public education, “while offering no real ‘choice’ for the overwhelming majority of students.”

Secretary DeVos says “school choice” is her top priority as the nation’s top education official, but she needs the help of Congress.

“There are too many kids across the country that don’t have the chance to be in the right school with the right fit,” DeVos said.

On Tuesday, two Republican Senators introduced the Choice Act. They say it would create a federal savings plan to provide military and low-income families, as well as families of students with disabilities, more options for their education.

Virginia Republican Congressman Ben Cline says he supports the bill and hopes his colleagues in the House do the same. “Every child deserves the opportunity to get a high-quality education,” he said. “We need to step up and provide those opportunities.”

The bill also establishes a private “school choice” program that would allow families to pull their tax dollars out of public education to help pay for private school tuition.

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