Book vending machine at Alta View Elementary rewards kids with reading


SANDY (ABC4 News) – Alta View Elementary unveiled a Bookworm Vending Machine Friday; it dispenses books instead of food or toys to students as part of the school’s reward program. 

Students cheered when the machine was unboxed, one saying, “It was a very big surprise.”

Alta View’s PTA raised the $4,000 it took to buy the machine and are keeping it well stocked with books in all grade levels. PTA President Emily Montgomery said that Alta View is a special place for reading; “Kids here love to read and the kids that don’t are frustrated at first but then that light bulb goes on and you can see them blossom.”

The books in the machine aren’t just classics, but graphic novels, popular fiction, and even books in Spanish. 

5th grader Cohen was the very first student to use the machine and he was the perfect pick. He says he loves to read, and, “It’s just fun to visit new worlds and go places.”

Students get to pick a book when they earn tokens by being kind, engaged, and safe. The principal will select two students from each grade every week from the Principal Pride Program, and those students will get to choose the Bookworm Vending Machine as their reward. 

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