AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4 News) – As parents throughout Utah try to figure out what school may look like in August, many school districts have begun planning for what is sure to be a unique school season.

The Alpine School District which covers one Utah’s largest counties has outlined a “proposed school reopening plan” explaining how the district will safely bring students back into the classroom in August.

The notice communicates with students, parents and employees of Alpine School
District the plan for safely reopening schools in August 2020.

The plan, approved by the Board of Education, follows guidelines issued by the Utah County Health Department and the Utah State Board of Education. Further updates and instructions will be emailed and posted online.


The Alpine School District will resume daily face-to-face instruction for students, while also providing an online learning option for those who choose.
● The Monday early-out schedule will now take place every day of the week to
give teachers sufficient time to schedule student interventions and to plan
in-person and online instruction.
● Every employee and student will be expected to have a mask or face coverings
and wear it in common areas, during transition times, classrooms, and when
arriving and dismissing from school. Occasional allowances may be made under
the discretion of the teacher with appropriate distancing.
● Normal bus routes will run and masks or face coverings are required at all times
for students and adults while riding a bus.
● Breakfast and lunch will be served each school day in a “grab-and-go” format.
Eating areas throughout the school will be designated (classrooms will not be
required eating areas).
● Flexibility will be provided for students whose learning needs are best met online.
Parents will receive a survey on Monday, July 27th to indicate whether they would
like their child(ren) to participate in-person or online. Survey responses are due on
or before Monday, August 3rd at 9:00 a.m. All students registered in ASD, whether
learning in-person or online, will be assigned a class schedule with ASD teachers
at their neighborhood school, who will monitor the instruction, assessment, and
intervention for each student assigned to them. Alternatively, students may
register with ASD online services–East Shore Online for 9-12 students, or Alpine
Online for K-8 students (this option applies to parents who intend to provide
homeschooling with support from ASD teachers).

Courtesy: Alpine School District

ASD says their proposed plan decisions were based on feedback from from students, employees and parents regarding school reopening, student health and safety, and other operational issues.

The major areas of concern were:

  • Maximize student and employee safety
  • Optimize student learning
  • Support student well-being

As it is important to maintain safety for not only students for staff and parents as well, the following guidelines will be in place.

Staff Guidelines:

Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Provide opportunities
for students to wash their hands.
● Wear a mask or face covering when social distancing is not feasible. This is
expected for all staff in all district and school buildings.
● Be mindful of your own, students’ and co-workers’ health and safety concerns.
● Remain flexible with attendance as you address the needs of individual students,
while meeting learning standards and professional expectations. Attendance
should not be a factor in student grades, and secondary schools will not issue NCs
to assure that students do not attend when it is not advisable.
● Accommodate individual learning needs, especially for those students that face
higher health risks.
● Assign seating to support contact tracing. Students should face forward and be
appropriately spaced.
● Communicate with your immediate supervisor if you are unable to perform your
essential functions in person at your work location. To determine if your particular
condition warrants special accommodation, consult ASD Rules and Regulations
4162 (PDF version included below).
● When providing online learning, follow these guidelines:

Student Guidelines:

● Prepare for a unique school year and remain engaged in your learning, no
matter the format.
● Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
● Wear a mask or face covering while on the bus, in common areas, during
transition times, in classrooms, and when arriving and dismissing from school.
Occasional allowances may be made under the discretion of the teacher with
appropriate distancing.
● Sit in assigned seats in classrooms and on the bus to promote social distancing
and contact tracing.
● Plan on activities and athletics as scheduled, adhering to approved social
distancing and safety measures.
● Bring a personal water bottle to school each day (refill stations will be available).

Parents are asked to monitor their child each morning for symptoms and do not send them to school if they exhibit any of the following:
○ Fever greater than 100.4 degrees
○ Cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing
○ Chills or muscle aches
○ Sore throat
○ Can’t smell/loss of sense of taste
Alpine School District School Reopening Plan 2020 Page 3
○ If exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two
● Reinforce the expectation for frequent hand washing, mask wearing, and social
● Monitor your child’s use of technology in the home

Additional safety practices:
● Building/classroom cleaning – Daily cleaning and sanitizing will occur at each
Alpine facility by the custodial staff following district health and safety guidelines.
Physical Facilities team members will provide continued guidance and support for
schools. Hand sanitizer spray bottles have been procured for every classroom
and department. Posters showing symptoms prohibiting entrance will be
displayed on the doors of all district facilities (included below).
● Transition times and areas – Schools will identify high traffic areas and utilize
signage and/or floor markings to minimize congestion. They will also establish
protocols for any visitors and non-regular staff including at a minimum
temperature checking and the wearing of masks or face coverings.
● Transportation – Bus drivers will wear masks or face coverings when students are
present. Drivers will sanitize their buses multiple times each day.
● Nutrition Services – Breakfast and lunch will be provided each school day in a
“grab and go” format. Eating areas throughout the school will be designated
(classrooms will not be required eating areas).
● Faculty meetings – School principals and department leaders should review and
consider modifying staff gatherings, utilizing smaller group meetings, online
meetings, or other means of communicating with team members.
● Special needs – School staff should provide reasonable accommodations to
meet individual student learning needs, while considering the health and safety
needs of others.

Alpine School District officials will make a decision on the proposed plan during Tuesday’s school board meeting.

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