Alicia Definis, CEO of Dorai Homes came to Good Things Utah to talk about home goods to help keep your home safe, practical, clean and beautiful. In today;s world it can be a challenge to find attractive house fixtures that are practical and functional. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been more aware of bacterias and germs but the struggle is how to avoid them. Fortunately, Dorai Homes has us covered with effective products that will fit your home’s aesthetic. 

Definis started the segment with one of her favorite products, The Bath Stone, an eco-friendly and effective bath mat made of diatomaceous earth. The ceramic-like material has a similar consistency to slate and dries instantly! “This material is naturally occurring so it’s actually a petrified algae,” said Definis. Definis also said the mats are non-slip and safer than traditional bath mats as they will not move out of place.

The second item Definis showcased was a drying mat that is collapsible with three panels. The drying mat also has the diatomaceous earth base and also has silicone to allow for maximum mobility. The drying mat can be reduced to a third of its size in storage and can be placed in drawers and will not take up too much counter space if left on counters.

Definis also showed the solution for water messes left by our animal companions. Many animal guardians have noticed their pet’s water bowl is shuffling and gets the floors wet, which can be breeding grounds for mold and other bacterias to form. The bowls require no wiping down and are extremely unlikely to stain. In the unlikely event that the bowl does leave a stain, Definis said there will be wipes provided in the kits that will buff out stains with ease.
Other fan favorites from Dorai include drink coasters, sink caddies to use in the kitchen  or bathroom. The Bath Stone is available in two sizes that is ideal whatever your needs are. You can find all of your home needs at