East High Faculty Sends Message of Love to Students

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Following reports of growing fear among students across the nation in the weeks since the election, the teachers at East High School in Salt Lake City wanted to show their students that they are valued, loved and supported at their school.
“I thought it was pretty cool just seeing all the things, like nice things, that were there in front of us,” said Sophomore Apu Ika.  “Kind of brightens up your day.”
It was something simple but it brought a smile to the faces of many of the students at East High School.  This morning as they walked through the front doors of their school they were met with cheers and high-fives, some even went in for a hug with their favorite faculty members.  Teachers crowded the doors with students standing nearby cheering as they held up signs with words of encouragement, some reading “love is greater than fear,” and others like “we’re thankful for you.” 
After increased reports throughout the country of student being harassed the students here say its nice to see that their teachers are in their corner.  
“You are appreciated, there’s always someone out there that cares for you and thankful for everything you do,” said Junior Alfonso Herrera.
“There’s been an underlying tone coming from a lot of our students,” said Blair Porter, a teacher at East High School.  
So the faculty here at East High felt they had to act.
“We as teachers, we wanted to let our students know that we are thankful for them.  That East is a safe place — positive environment, and no racism, sexism, any kind of bigotry was welcome in our school and we wanted our students to know that we’re here to support them,” she said. 
The teacher even put together a six minute video posted on YouTube in which faculty members spoke to the students with words of love and support.  
Each faculty member speaking no more than a few seconds but their words carrying a strong and ever lasting message.  One teacher says, “I am here for all of you, I’m a person that you can count on.”  While another adds, “My classroom is always a safe place if you need to talk.”  Another teacher reminds the students how valued they are everyday and what an honor it is to be able to come to school to teach them.  And another says, “remember to stay positive and remember that love is greater and better than fear.”  
The message is to remind students that they are never alone.  They will always have someone at East High that they can turn to.  That message resonating well with the students at East High today.
“There’s someone that will always be with you.  No matter how difficult and hard it is, someone is with you the entire time,” added. Herrera.  

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