Earth Day enthusiasts walk 28 miles to work, instead of driving

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – An office full of Earth Day enthusiasts is celebrating, after a group of employees walked 28 miles to conserve fuel/energy, Wednesday morning.

People always say, “Every little bit helps,” when it comes to improving our planet, and three CHG Healthcare employees are now experiencing that concept, firsthand.

“We do a lot of, you know, trying to get our employees active and moving, and so I thought, ‘What a good way to represent the company that way,'” said Carrie Koncar of the idea.

Koncar literally went to great lengths to ‘do her part,’ along with coworkers, Sam Schwendiman and James Boley. They decided to forego their cars for a morning and walk all the way to work.

“We have dried fruit, vegetables and sandwiches, and chips — all sorts of stuff,” Boley said early Wednesday morning.

The trio started at a gas station in Eagle Mountain around midnight, then walked north up Redwood Road, and eventually made it to 2000 East, Fort Union Boulevard, where a couple dozen of their friends cheered them on and finished up the last stretch with them.

“We came to be the support system, but when we saw their faces, I think all of us lit up because we were so excited to see them. We’re happy they’re on the team — that they’re willing to do these crazy things so we don’t have to,” laughed Spencer Sutherland, a spokesperson for CHG Healthcare.

Together, employees conserved more than 4,500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions — an Earth Day contribution they consider minor in the grand scheme of things, but also very worth it.

“We felt done at about mile 15, actually, and we kept trucking along — 28.1 [miles] was the final count…” Schwendiman said. “It doesn’t seem like a lot, but you know, we’re saving the environment, just one walk at a time, just going to work,” he laughed.

The entire walk took the group about nine hours. Two of the three made the same journey last year as well, and they say they are already recruiting more coworkers to do it again next Earth Day.

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