DWR: Doe pronghorn poached in Beaver County


BEAVER COUNTY (ABC4 News) – Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is investigating after a pronghorn was found poached west of Minersville.

Conservation officers said a doe pronghorn that had recently given birth was poached off Laho Road. The animal had previously been given a GPS collar by DWR biologists as a part of a research study.

Officers believe the animal was killed on May 27 or 28.

“This case is particularly egregious because this animal was being monitored and studied in order to allow wildlife biologists to better manage the pronghorn population in the area,” said Conservation Officer Josh Carver.

The animal had recently given birth to offspring and it is unlikely that the fawn would have survived long without its mother.

DWR officers continue to work the case and are actively asking for the public’s help.

Anyone with information related to the illegal killing of this animal, or any other wildlife, is encouraged to contact the UTiP Hotline at 1-800-662-3337.

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