Dutch children learning about sex ed in kindergarten

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – How young is too young to start teaching kids about sex? According to an online report, children in the Netherlands are starting sex education in kindergarten.

“We mentioned this on Good Things Utah today and it really turned into a bit of a talker in the office,” said Brian Carlson, Good Things Utah Announcer.

“Yes, I found this article about what the Dutch are doing in their sex education. They’re putting it in elementary schools. They’re starting at Kindergarten,” said Jessie Miller, Good Things Utah Co-Host.

“That seems so young,” said Carlson.

“I know. But when I looked deeper in the article I actually agree with what they’re doing… so one week out of the year every grade is learning a little more about their sexuality,” said Miller.

“What’s an example?” Carlson asked.

“So it’s not necessarily about the birds and the bees that we’re all learning about when we’re 11 here… when they’re in kindergarten, they’re listening to songs about having a crush, talking about what it feels like to be hugged, and getting their view on that. Then when you’re more 8 years old you’re learning about gender stereotypes, your different gender roles and then you’ve got really more of a foundation when you’re 11 to learn about the birds and the bees,” Miller said.

“So basically it’s like learning at each different stage when the kids are ready to learn about different parts of their sexuality until you start talking about those big conversations,” Carlson said.

“Right,” said Miller.

“As a parent you’re okay with this?” Carlson asked.

“Yes, I think this would be so great because not only is it having the kids hearing discussions and learning about things at school, but it really opens up conversations at home,” said Miller.

“We want to know what you think about it. We’ve already posted this on our ABC 4 Utah Facebook page and we’re getting some interesting comments,” said Carlson.

If you’d like to join the conversation, click on this link to the ABC 4 Utah Facebook page. To read the article in full, click on this link to “What the Dutch can teach us about sex ed.”


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