Draper Business Robbed of Thousands of Dollars in Under 3 Minutes


DRAPER, Utah (ACB4 News) – A Draper business owner is feeling vulnerable and angry after his store was robbed of over $25,000 in cash and products early Tuesday morning in just a matter of minutes.

Nathan Coccimiglio, the owner of Draper Vapor, received a call around 2 o’clock Tuesday morning from the security company letting him know his store was being robbed and police were on their way.  

He hoped on his phone and headed to the store as he watched the thieves rummage through his store in real time.

“Being able to watch them on a phone, on cameras, and waiting for police to arrive to try to capture them and, you know, having them leave before police get there, it’s kind of frustrating, you know?” said Coccimiglio.  “It is frustrating to see someone in your place of business, you know? It’s a small business, so it’s everything we have.”

It happened shortly after 2:00 a.m..  In the surveillance video the three arrive from the back of the building.  They got out of what appears to be a white Chevy Traverse, crowbars in hand, checked one door and then used the crowbars to force their way into the store. 

“Come here to find our back door — metal solid door completely bent, with some pretty heavy duty crowbars and some determination seemed to get through this metal door,” he said.  “It was pretty flawless in that to get in and out that fast and get that much…one went into one of the store rooms, one went into the back offices and one went to the front.”

Printers and machines broken, display cases and shelves in pieces, and his product spread throughout the floor, Coocimiglio spent his morning cleaning up his store and wondering who is responsible for the vandalism and theft as he looked through the room looking at the damage.

“Our cash registers are ripped out and gone — cables are ripped out…these two shelves which held the most expensive equipment is pretty much scraped clean…this whole bottom shelf down here, half of this shelf, and another cash register…this shelf over here they actually ripped almost the entire self off trying to get it out, looks like they cleared everything off.  I’m gonna spend the next day or so to figure out what’s here, what’s gone, what’s salvageable,” he said. 

Though the office had some computer equipment and miscellaneous items stolen, and a few items were missing from the storage room, the front display room was hit the hardest.  In all, Coccimiglio says the suspects stole over $10,000 in cash and about $15,000 in products.  

“They proceeded to look for anything of value, taking petty cash, cash registers, change drawers before moving on to the products,” said Coccimiglio.  “They got the most expensive products whether that was luck or not they started in the one cabinet that had the most expensive things…obviously Black Friday, Cyber Monday, being out of town — perfect storm to have the most amount of cash in there…they even took the change, the quarter rolls, and made sure to get it all.”

 Coccimiglio doesn’t know whether or not the criminals had been canvassing his store for a while but he says he will be reviewing security video to look for anything unusual in the area in the past few days or even weeks.  The thieves arrived wearing hoodies and face masks, leaving the impression that this may not be their first time committing such a crime.  

ABC4 News spoke to Draper Police this morning who said they didn’t have much to go on at the moment as the crime had just been reported and detectives had not gotten the time to fully investigate the scene yet.  But, they did say that they had several reports of overnight burglaries.  They added that it is under investigation and are confident that security video will provide them with the leads they need to capture the suspects.  

For a small business — that opened in April — Coccimiglio says this has left him feeling vulnerable, as he now begins to look for other methods to improve security around his store. 

“It doesn’t leave a warm cozy feeling inside knowing that someone can come in and so fast in time do this much damage,” he says.  “I don’t know what we’re gonna do; we’ll definitely be stepping it up.” 

As an incentive, Coccimiglio is offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who provides police with information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for the crime.

To report any leads contact the Draper City Police Dept. at (801) 576-6300 or Draper Vapor at (801) 948-4027 and ask for Nathan.   

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