SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Plan to throw a rock? What about a snowball? Be careful because it might just be illegal. Utah’s got some weird laws that may leave you scratching your head.

No Snowballs!

Provo City code § 9.14.100 states that if you plan to throw a snowball in Provo, then beware. It states anyone throwing “any stone, stick, snowball within the city limits” could get a $50 fine and a misdemeanor. So, if you plan to have a snowball fight, take it outside of Provo.

Don’t complain about milk

It’s illegal to “unfairly discriminate” against milkmen and women and criticize the grade or quality. If found guilty of code § 76-10-3005, then you could receive a class B misdemeanor.

Biting in boxing? No way!

While this could be a no-brainer to some, Utah code § 76-9-705 says that biting in boxing is against the law. If found guilty, you could receive a class A misdemeanor.

Don’t throw rocks

In Logan, the code § 12.04.150 says it’s illegal to throw rocks. Residents are not to throw rocks at cars “to annoy any traveler or pedestrian.” However, so long as you have permission from the car owner, you can throw rocks.

So, if you plan to throw snowballs, then think again.