UTAH (ABC4) – Newly crowned U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater and Utah native Nathan Chen was surprised with a special congratulatory message from his hometown hero — none other than Utah Jazz player, Donovan Mitchell.

During a post-win interview with NBC Olympics, a reporter asks Chen to explain more about his Utah roots as a build-up to a special surprise.

“I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah, so the Jazz are my team through and through,” says Chen. He explains how he’s been a big fan of the team for many years.

During the interview, Chen revealed his absolute favorite Jazz player is Donavan Mitchell. Although he loves the entire team, he says watching Mitchell holds a special place in his heart.

As he ends the adoration, the interviewer explains they’ve prepared a special message from the player himself.

“Just want to say congratulations on getting the medal, bro,” Mitchell says during the video message. “You’ve done your thing, man. Continuously made the whole country proud. We’re all happy for you out here — the Utah Jazz organization and Utah. We’re happy for you man, so congratulations. Keep doing your thing and proud of you bro.”

Chen was visibly excited and smiling from ear to ear after watching the special message.

“That’s super sick. He’s the nicest,” says Chen excitedly. “He’s just so humble, down-to-earth. Super cool guy.”

Chen says the gesture was “super special” and expressed it felt wild to know one of his favorite sports icons “even knows he exists.”