UTAH (ABC4) – In a recent post that was uploaded to Twitter on Feb 10, Andy Hardman, a Utah resident and avid Jazz fan, let his followers in on a recent family tragedy he underwent. 

In his Tweet, Hardman revealed that his 12-year-old “baby boy”, Drayke, passed away earlier that morning after an attempt to take his own life the night before. The distraught parent went on to share his son’s dedication to the Utah Jazz, writing, “Thank you for making a bright spot in his heart.” 

Hardman closed his Tweet with #doitfordrayke, in an attempt to spread love and awareness of his now-deceased son.  

Two days later on Feb. 12, Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz’s beloved point guard, replied to Hardman’s Tweet asking anyone who has any information on the family to “…send it ASAP!!” 

The star basketball player sends his prayers to Hardman and the rest of the family, calling the entire situation “…so heartbreaking.” 

Mitchell extended his support, finalizing his post with #doitfordrayke.

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