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Doing The Most Good For The Most People

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 UTAH) Back in January he was hailed as a hero. This week he is our Behind the Badge police profile. 
Unified Police Officer Brandon Sulich was on his way to a funeral in January for Officer Doug Barney when he heard a call about a house fire. He changed his plans and went to the house. Once there he and West Valley City officers Trudy Cropper and Scott Folkers went inside the burning house and got the elderly couple out.
After everyone was safe – Officer Sulich continued to the funeral. In our weekly Behind the Badge report – we get to know Officer Sulich and why he loves to serve and protect. 
“I feel very fortunate because a lot of people don’t have a job they love to go to. Everyday I get dressed and love coming her.” Officer Sulich loves police work. I had the chance to talk to him about his job today in Magna.  
Don Hudson: “Why did you want to get into law enforcement?”>
Officer Brandon Sulich:  “It’s the coolest job there is. What’s not to love about dressing up and going out and catch bad guys and chase people and do some good out there?”  >
Officer Sulich has been in law enforcement for three years. After two years with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department he joined the Unified Police Department as an Officer last year. He first served in Riverton and now is based in Magna. 
Don Hudson: “You were working in an area that doesn’t have the highest crime rate. You asked to be transferred to an area that has a higher crime rate, why?” 
Officer Brandon Sulich: “This looked like a place where I could do the most good for the most people. There are a lot of things here that need to be addressed and I want to be a part of that.” 
And the 25-year-old officer says when it comes to police work – he loves the variety. “You’ll spend the first hour of your shift and your working traffic and remembering all the traffic laws. And then, at the drop of a hat, there is a ambulance call and you have to do CPR on somebody. And as soon as that is done you do a domestic violence call. “And there are those nights where in a 12 hour shift and not a single thing happens.”
Officer Sulich’s job today is to patrol the streets of Magna, but he sees himself in a different role down the road. “Hopefully in the next five years I can be a school resource officer – do the DARE program. I do like working in drugs – narcotics or something like that. Just something that can an impact on the community.”
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