MIDVALE, Utah. (ABC4) — The man known as ‘Grandpa Brian’ to neighboring pet owners has received a gift for his generosity this holiday season.

Two weeks ago, ABC4 reported on the story of Brian Wood who wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to feed strays and then waits a few more hours to greet what he calls his “customers” — all the dogs who live in his building. Every day without fail, he takes out treats from his stash to feed the good boys and girls who pass his home. 

The dog treats company Milk-Bone caught wind of Grandpa Brian’s generous act and set him up with enough treats to last a while over the weekend.

This will certainly bulk his massive stash even more. The company gifted Wood 12 boxes, which is almost 20 pounds of treats, and a note praising him for his time spent with the dogs and cats:

“We saw your heartwarming story and so appreciate the time you spend caring for the dogs in your community. At milk-bone, we believe in the “More dog” philosophy, and you are a true example of inserting more dog into your everyday life and into the lives of those in your community  through your ongoing ritual of passing out treats.”

Wood said it’s been a great activity to pass time while he recovers from recent surgeries.

“I found it has helped me as much as it has helped the dogs,” Wood said.