Everything in your life comes down to relationships, and if they aren’t in order in one area, it’s likely the other areas will be affected as well.

Eric Bailey from Feel Well, Live Well joined Midday to talk about the five core relationships in your life.  They are:

  1. Ourselves
  2. God
  3. Other People
  4. Food
  5. Money

Eric has a class coming up called ‘Celebration of Relationships and Romance’.  It’s August 23-25 in Salt Lake City.  Tickets are normally $1,397.00 per person, but there are some full-ride scholarships available.  They’re giving away the scholarships to 5 individuals and 5 couples.  If you’d like to be considered, email: Eric@FeelWellLiveWell.com with the subject “Relationships” with your name, contact information, and why you would like to be considered.


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