District Looks at Demolishing Granite HS


SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – The Granite School District is looking into the cost of demolishing Granite High School which has been closed since 2009. Certain groups are trying to buy the property to restore it.

The district put out a request for proposal to get estimates from contractors on how much the building would cost to tear down. The district has look into this before, but held off because plans were in the works for the site. Several of those plans fell through over the years.

District Spokesperson Ben Horsely said the site has become a major issue with more than 240 responses by district police in 2016 alone. Which doesn’t count city police responded after hours.

“Some of those are break-ins, suspicious persons, vandalism, and graffiti,” said Horsely. “Regretfully those facilities have become a very attractive nuisance.”

The district’s biggest concern is now liability. Even though there is a contract with developers, the liability won’t go away until a deal is approved and signed. Horsely is quick to point out this is just a proposal.

 “At this point and time we are just information gathering there has been no final decision on whether or not to demolish the buildings,” said Horsley.

He notes demolish plans have been looked at in the past.

The group Utah Art Alliance is hoping to save the building and still allow for development on other areas of the property. Executive Director Derek Dyer said they believe it can be a win win for everyone including developers.

“There can be some residential development on the site,” said Dyer. “There can be some commercial development on the site, but we’re still able to save the heritage sites.”

The group put in a proposal to buy the buildings from the current developers. They hope to be able to convert it into a high tech art studio, and use the auditorium for theater shows.

Dyer points out this is one of the oldest buildings in the city and they want to preserve it. They also want to make sure there is plenty of open space for residents to enjoy.
“This is the largest open space still left in South Salt Lake and once you develop over that open space you will never get it back,” said Dyer.

Utah Art Alliance hasn’t heard back on their proposal yet, but it was only submitted December 1st.

City officials have said the developers are already planning single family homes on sections of the site away form the buildings.

We did try to contact the developers for comment, but they did not get back to us.

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