Utah (ABC4 News) – The period known as the “100 deadliest days” on Utah roads starts Memorial Day and ends Labor Day.

Courtesy: Zero Fatalities

Historically, this period of time is considered the deadliest time on Utah roads, when fatal crashes nearly double compared to the rest of the year. 

Courtesy: Zero Fatalities

Based on information from the Utah Highway Patrol, UHP, and the Utah Department of Transportation, UDOT, there have been 86 road fatalities from the beginning of the year through May 19th.

These totals are the highest at this point in the year since 2017.

As we kick-off of the deadliest days, UDOT and UHP are challenging Utahns to “Drive Better” in an effort to reach the goal of zero fatalities on Utah roads this summer.

This year, Utah traffic and crashes are down on Utah highways due to the COVID-19 health crisis. With summer approaching, officials predict the number of cars on the road will increase, and UDOT and UHP are warning drivers to use caution and stay safe. 

Last year, UDOT and UHP’s Zero Fatalities program focused on making these the “100 Safest Days”.

In 2019 there were 248 lives lost on Utah roads: 70% were men, 30% were women. Utahn went 203 days without fatalities. Officials say last summer’s decrease in fatalities was encouraging but fatal crash numbers could continue to climb. UDOT and UHP urge Utahns to reverse this trend and “Drive Better.” 

Courtesy: Zero Fatalities

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