(ABC4) – It’s ruff to be a dog stuck inside during the summer.

Just as humans can get stir-crazy in the house while the weather is pleasant, dogs are the same way, according to the Humane Society of Utah associate director of communications Guinnevere Shuster.

They want to get out and play. Otherwise, they could cause havoc inside.

“Taking your dogs out provides mental stimulation for them,” Shuster explains. “If you’re cooped up indoors all day, and you’re a dog, you might get bored and get yourself into trouble by doing things, getting into the trash or digging holes in the yard.”

Brandy Chenoweth and her furry companion, Scout, have made a practice of finding the best spots in Salt Lake City to hang out together by building their blog, Dog Friendly SLC.

Chenoweth says that Utah, while having some restrictions on dogs in private businesses and public areas, still has some great locations for dog and human fun.

“I think there are a lot more opportunities for people to get out with their dogs than they think,” she states. “If you know where to look, that there are a lot of opportunities to take your dog, and I’m finding that there’s still a lot of things people don’t know that they can do with their dogs and that’s why we’re here.”

The Chenoweth duo has built a map to show others the best places for owners and dogs to spend time together out of the house.

Here’s a short list of some of the best places in Salt Lake City to take your dog:

Doggy Swimming Pools

Courtesy of DogMode

While former NFL star Marshawn Lynch had his Beast Mode persona, stuffed and squeaky football stars Fido and Spot have DogMode. Founded in 1999 and not far off of 3900 South and 300 West, DogMode is a nontraditional dog daycare that feels more like a Chuck E. Cheese than a regular old kennel. DogMode’s marquee feature is the aquatic center, where doggies of all sizes, shapes, and abilities can try their hand – or paws – at dock jumping after a toy thrown into the water. DogMode activated.

Courtesy of Barley’s Canine Recreation Center

Located on the east side of town, Barley’s Canine Recreation Center is a lot like DogMode. It’s basically a social lounge mixed with a gym or playground for dogs to get together, socialize, and take a dip in the water. The indoor playground, with ramps and slides as well as comfortable, orange-colored furniture for pooped pups to kick back and chill on seem absolutely delightful. Of course, there is also an indoor pool area – which was the first in the state made just for doggies – with plenty of toys for the pets to cool off in and play with.

Outdoor Patios

Scout hangs out with friends at Fisher Brewing Co. (Courtesy of Brandy Chenoweth)

Many of the most popular breweries and restaurants in Salt Lake City, as well as nearby Park City, have variances and approvals in place to allow dogs to hang out on the patio, with certain rules in place. Caputo’s, Park Café, Pig & a Jelly Jar, Squatters, and Taqueria 27 all allow dogs to join their humans outside. Fisher Brewing Company’s backdoor patio is known for having an abundance of dogs with craft beer-loving owners relaxing with friends and strangers alike, especially in the summertime. Of course, owners should check each restaurant’s patio rules on pets beforehand.

Agility and Training Centers

Courtesy of Versa Dog Training

You know those dogs seen on TV that can weave in and out of those vertically placed sticks at an incredible pace and speed? You can teach your own little fuzzy ball of energy how to do that too at one of the dog agility and training centers throughout the city. Versa Dog Training, located north of Salt Lake, in Layton, has a complete setup of the ramps, tunnels, cones, and other obstacles that make up a dog agility course. With beginner classes for pups and older dogs looking to learn new tricks, all are welcome to get a workout with their humans.

Dog Parks

Scout steps through the creek while playing at Dayland Dog Park in Draper. (Courtesy of Brandy Chenoweth)

Of course, dog parks aren’t just for single folks to try to pick up a date by using their cute animal friend as a conversation piece, as the stereotype goes. They are also great places for dogs to play while their owners give actual, real-life Tinder a shot. The best dog parks are ones with open spaces, closed-in fencing, and shaded areas for hot dogs to cool off. Tanner Park by Parley’s Canyon is a good one, so is Dayland Dog Park, which has a small creek running through the middle for pets to stomp around in.

Shopping Centers

City Creek Center mall in downtown Salt Lake City (file image)

Believe it or not, home improvement centers can also be a great place to improve your dog’s day. Even if you don’t need to pick up a new can of paint or a toilet for your dog to drink out of (don’t do that, please), large stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot are great, dog-friendly places to take a walk in the comfort of air conditioning. Scheel’s is also great for dogs as well, on a leash, of course. If being seen with your pet is a priority, leashed dogs are welcomed to walk around at the City Creek Center mall downtown.

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