WILDFIRE: Are you prepared if you have to evacuate?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Three wildfires are blazing in Utah and officials say one came within half a mile of several homes.

According to Utah Wildfire, the active fires in the state are Radio Hill, Box Elder County, Spring Creek, Utah County; and Skull Flat, Beaver County.

Across the country, wildfires threaten homes and structures every year, according to officials. Because a wildfire can happen anywhere and to anyone, it’s important to be prepared with an emergency kit.

The emergency preparedness company, Get Ready Now, says they have a deluxe road grab and go pack they recommend to people in case of an evacuation.

“In a wildfire situation, sometimes you have seconds. Not even minutes” says founder and owner Gary Evershed. “They will sound an alarm and they say, ‘now.’”

Inside the kit are items such as a whistle, a first aid kit, water, flashing lights, gloves, a mask, some food, and a neck gator.

Following an emergency situation, Evershed says this kit is meant to last a person 24 to 48-hours.

“The statistics are 100 percent of us,” Evershed says. “That means every single one of us needs to be prepared for the basic essentials to get us through an emergency.”

Evershed reminds the public to be personally prepared however they can and to also think about pet emergency preparedness, too.

Get Ready Now sells a variety of emergency preparedness kits for companies, families, individuals, and pets.

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